Terms and Conditions

i) Howff – Secret Supper Club Event Gift Vouchers

Vouchers purchased pre-launch are valid for 6 months from our date of opening. Once open all vouchers will be valid for 6 months from the date of purchase. Vouchers cannot be extended beyond the 6 months validity date regardless of the circumstances

Vouchers are non-refundable. In the event that you cannot attend within the time frame of your vouchers validity, you may gift your voucher to someone else.

The Howff Secret Supper Club vouchers are not redeemable against other products or services.

To redeem your voucher simply select the event you would like to attend and add it to your basket. You will have the option to add your voucher code upon confirming your booking. 

Vouchers can be upgraded but not downgraded. Vouchers cannot be exchanged for alternative products or services. 

If the balance of your order exceeds the value of your voucher you will be prompted to settle the balance of your order by debit or credit card. If your voucher value exceeds the value of your order there will be no outstanding balance left on your voucher to use at a later date and there will be no refund provided for the difference. 

Bookings are subject to availability. We urge you to use your voucher and confirm your booking at the earliest opportunity to avoid disappointment. Attempting to book at the very end of your vouchers validity may mean that event options are limited or exhausted.  

Failure to book in advance may mean that there is no availability for events within your vouchers validity. The Howff Secret Supper Club accepts no liability for restricted booking options due to last minute booking. Refunds or voucher extensions will not be offered. 

By confirming a booking at The Howff Secret Supper Club you agree to comply with our terms and conditions.

ii) Howff Secret Supper Club Bookings

To complete a booking, simply select the event you would like to attend and add it to your basket. Follow the prompts to complete and pay for your order. Apply your voucher code where applicable.

All bookings for our Friday and Saturday events must be made no later than 5pm on the Wednesday of the same week. 

Upon completion of your order you will receive an order confirmation email detailing the specifics of your purchase. Your order confirmation will also detail all the information you will require prior to your visit.

iii) Howff Secret Supper Club Cancellations & Refunds

The Howff Secret Supper Club is an independent business that relies on reservations being honoured by guests or sufficient notice being provided of any amendments to reservations. We enforce a strict cancellation and refund policy in order to protect our business from lost income. 

All voucher purchases and bookings are non-refundable. In the event that you cannot use your voucher or attend a booked event you may gift your voucher/booking to a friend or family member.

We require 2 full weeks notice for any requests to reschedule bookings. Requests should be submitted in writing to info@howffsecretsupperclub.co.uk – Where possible, with notice we will do our best to accommodate requests to reschedule but offer no guarantees.

We are unable to amend bookings within two weeks of the event. While we appreciate such instances are unavoidable we are not accountable for last minute illness, bereavement or family emergencies. You may gift your booking to a friend or family member to attend in your place.

Refunds will not be given in the case that events are cancelled for reasons out with our control, such as enforced government restrictions or unforeseen issues with our premises. Where possible we will do our utmost to reschedule your booking at a mutually suitable time.

By confirming a booking at The Howff Secret Supper Club you agree to comply with our terms and conditions. 

iv) Howff@Home Gift Vouchers info to follow

v) Howff@Home Bookings info to follow

vi) Licensing

In accordance with our premises licence and the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005, persons aged 16 and 17 will only be permitted whilst under the supervision of a responsible person over the age of 18.

Persons aged 15 and under are not permitted to attend our events.

vii) Home Delivery

Our ordering platform is hosted by ZippyD. Terms & Conditions relating to cancellations and refunds are as per ZippyD’s Terms & Conditions of service (Share link).

Our menu lists a range of starters, mains, desserts, sides and wine. Our menu has been carefully considered to allow us to deliver restaurant quality dishes (in keeping with The Secret Supper Clubs in-house offerings) to you in the comfort of your home. Every care is taken to ensure dishes are delivered to you in a presentable manner, however in some cases you may have to decant dishes from delivery packaging to your plate. We understand this may compromise the overall appearance of the final dish. This is outwith our control and we request reasonable understanding of this from all customers.

While every effort is taken to deliver your food to you in a timely fashion, some dishes will decrease in temperature in transit. Where applicable we will provide written instructions of the best method of reheating dishes in your home kitchen should there be the need.

The Howff@Home – Delivery service accepts no liability for issues that arise between collection of orders from our premises and delivery of orders to your address. Where errors are made in the cookery or packing of your order we will do our very best to address the issue(s) as quickly as possible.


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